The Discovery Lab

Wildcat Laboratory

The Wildcat Laboratory is where the real action takes place. Wildcat’s team uses proprietary high-throughput equipment to build and test thousands of batteries using thousands of new materials … every week.


Engineering Lab

Wildcat’s Engineering Lab is second-to-none. This innovative team of engineers designs and builds the high throughput automation equipment and software that enable the scientific team to accelerate discovery.


Synthesis Lab

Wildcat’s high throughput synthesis lab is where discoveries are born.  These unique tools enable our scientists to synthesize hundreds of unique materials every day.  Each sample is prepared in bulk form and roughly 1g in size.  Solid state, heat treatment and solution methods are all possible.  Any interesting “hit” can be immediately scaled to much larger quantities in our scale up lab. 


Scale Up

Scale up and validation of new materials is a Wildcat core competancy and important part of our customer projects.  We can typically scale up the production of new materials from grams to kilograms in 1-2 weeks.


Wildcat Conference Room

Wildcat welcomes it customers for face-to-face meetings whenever possible, and also visits its customers' facilities often. Every project starts with a "kick-off" meeting to ensure all targets and research strategies are clearly understood. With a global customer base, many of our project updates also take place via conference call. The Wildcat scientific team is familiar with international communication, time zone management, and how to make conference calls most effective.  We're honored to have great customers across the world, including industry leaders in Japan, Korea, China, Europe and North America.

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Wildcat has a 14,000 square foot facility located in San Diego, CA. In addition to our high throughput workflows, the facility includes:

  • 4,000 square foot wet chemistry laboratory 
  • 2,000 square foot specialized cleaning room 
  • CNC equipped machine shop 
  • SEM with EDAX elemental analysis X-ray diffractometer 
  • Particle size analyzer 
  • Various gas sorption instruments