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CM1 - 5 Volt Cathode Material


  • LiCoPO4 with selected dopants and coatings 
  • 30% better gravimetric energy density and 70% better volumetric energy vs. LiFePO4
  • Rate performance comparable to LiFePO4
  • Comparable power and safety to LiFePO4
  • Operates at 4.75 V, with upper cutoff of 4.85 V in a full cell, with an energy density of >690 Wh/kg)
  • Successfully scaled to multi-kg batches using low-cost commercial methods
  • Developed by Wildcat’s scientific team

Performance Comparison

Metric LiFePO4 CM1
Specific Energy (Wh/kg) 530 690
Energy Density (Wh/L) 740 1,245
Cycle Life Excellent 1,000
Power Excellent Excellent
Safety Excellent Excellent


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