White Papers

Wildcat has prepared a number of technical white papers that include detailed information about several of our promising battery materials and technologies. Our white papers include write-ups about recent Wildcat discoveries, IP available for licensing or partnered development, and new innovative capabilities used on Wildcat projects.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about a particular topic or are interested in discussing other material.

Name Benefit Source
Wildcat Cathode IP
CM1 Doped lithium cobalt phosphate with 37% more energy than LFP Download
CM2 Improved rate performance for CFx primary batteries  
CM3 Spinel-based oxide with >250 mAh/g and no voltage fade Download
CM4 First rechargeable CuF2 conversion material, 2-3X energy of NCM Download
CM5 Reduced voltage fade Li-rich NCM (OLO) with high energy density Download
CM6 LMP offering more energy and similar cost to today’s LFP  
CM7 Doped high nickel NMC for high energy density (622, 811)  
CM8 High voltage spinel with excellent rate and high temp. stability  
Wildcat Electrolyte IP
EM1 Electrolyte additives that improve stability and cycle life up to 5V Licensed
EM2 Optimized electrolytes for CFx and related blend primary cells  
EM3 Improved performance for high voltage, high temp, and gassing  
EM4 Non-carbonate electrolytes and additives for cells using Si anodes Download
EM5 SuperTemp™ - Improved low temperature power and high temperature stability Download
EM6 Reduced gas generation for high voltage and high temperature  
EM7 Additives that enable dense cathodes for solid-state cells  
EM8 Carbonate electrolyte additives for cells using Si-based anodes  
Other IP
HM1 Hydrogen adsorption material offering 10X the uptake performance of today’s state-of-the-art compounds.  
WDT1 Wildcat has developed high throughput in-situ gas measurement technology enabling the rapid development of electrolytes and active materials that reduce or eliminate cell gassings. Download