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Custom Synthesis


Wildcat's high throughput synthesis technology is well-suited to produce samples of unique compositions for all kinds of applications in addition to batteries and catalysts.  Applications include: advanced structural materials and alloys, thermoelectrics, piezoelectrics, electronic inks and more.

High Energy Milling

Wildcat's proprietary high energy milling technology enables its scientists to perform hundreds of reactions in parallel involving solids, liquids and gasses (inert or reactive).  These tools enable Wildcat to rapidly vary composition, milling conditions, particle size (100 um to below 10 nm) or combination thereof.  Wildcat's milling tools are also compatible with its high temperature and solution techniques and materials handling equipment.

High Temperature Processing

Wildcat's high temperature processing tools can treat hundreds of samples in parallel, with precise control over temperature, heating and cooling rates, and atmosphere.  

Solution Synthesis

Wildcat's solution synthesis tools allow for the preparation of a wide range of material types and the evaluation of particle coatings.


Wildcat has developed correlation models that enable it to immediately scale materials produced using its proprietary synthesis tools to kilogram+ quantities via standard commercial low-cost methods.