Happy National Battery Day Wildcat Discovery Technologies February 18, 2023

Happy National Battery Day

National Battery Day is celebrated on February 18th to raise awareness about the impact of batteries on our everyday lives. This day honors the birthday of Alessandro Volta, an Italian chemist credited as the inventor of the electric battery in the 1700s. His work revolutionized the world of science and technology, paving the way for future generations to develop new forms of energy.

At Wildcat, we are proud to have a team of dedicated scientists and engineers who are passionate about developing next-generation battery materials that can revolutionize the way we power our lives. Our employees love working at Wildcat because of the opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines and backgrounds, as well as the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that make a real impact.

We acknowledge our team for their hard work and commitment to making Wildcat a success. Read below to learn more about our team and what they do!

Research Associate Carolyn Morris (Ph.D. University of Washington) studied Chemistry and worked as a process engineer for five years before making a huge career shift to specifically work with batteries. She studied Research and Development (R&D) in graduate school but found there aren’t many battery companies where you can do both R&D and work on producing a product like you can at Wildcat. “It’s rare to find the combination of research focus and product supply in this industry, and it’s really cool!” As a Research Associate, she collaborates on research-based projects with Scientists and works with external customers. Because things are always changing, she’s constantly learning new things and gets to work with several customers on a variety of projects which she enjoys. What Carolyn appreciates most about working at Wildcat are the people and the culture. “We’re answering so many questions about batteries every day, and even though we’re busy, people are really friendly and helpful.”

Scientist Dilni Wellalage (B.S. Institute of Chemistry Ceylon – Sri Lanka; Ph.D. University of Rhode Island) wanted to work in a field that coincided with her interests and found that Wildcat was just the place for her. Originally from Sri Lanka, the battery industry wasn’t a field to choose in her undergraduate studies. While working on her Ph.D. in the United States, she was introduced to batteries and, since then, decided to switch from pursuing a career in drug delivery to one in lithium metal batteries. She says that what she enjoys most about working at Wildcat is the collaborative environment. “I love our brainstorming sessions and how nice and helpful everyone is, especially since I’m still pretty new. I feel like I can grow within Wildcat.” When she’s not working with the discovery team on electrode formulations, she’s chasing
sunsets and sunrises around San Diego!

VP of Collaborative Research Gang Cheng (B.S. NanKai University; M.S. University of Akron) understands that life has to have a purpose and wants his work to provide that sense of personal fulfillment. “We’re a next-generation battery technology company, and the work we do here will impact people’s lives in the future and now.” Working at Wildcat, he says he feels challenged and enabled to create new tools and grow his knowledge in the industry. “Wildcat works on projects with many customers that help us develop a full picture of the battery industry and gain more knowledge. It’s a unique thing Wildcat is doing.” He knows that new batteries will change people’s lives and that there will always be a need to improve battery performance. His advice to future Wildcat recruits? “Think outside of the box. Wildcat is a place where you can challenge yourself without limitations. When solving a problem, think of the best solution, not only what has been done in the past. That’s the Wildcat culture.”

Scientist Bebi Patil (Shivaji University, India) studied physics in her undergraduate and master’s, which prompted her fascination with renewable energy and storage. She knew that she wanted to work in a field that impacted the environment, so she decided that battery research was the perfect field to pursue. Because not many women scientists work in the battery technology space, Bebi feels motivated and excited to be at Wildcat. “As women, I feel we are pressured to prove ourselves in this area. I have a responsibility to represent women in technology so that more women feel encouraged to pursue a career in this industry.” As a Scientist II, she works on the design team working on experiments based on ideas to improve the performance of solid-state batteries. The research aspect of her role is what she enjoys the most. “Wildcat is very collaborative. We get fast results and don’t waste any time.”

Mechanical Engineering Technician James Graessle (the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) works with our Engineering team to assemble and perform maintenance on equipment for the lab. Most of Wildcat’s machines are modified or fully designed in-house, and James is the go-to for building and maintaining these machines. During his undergraduate studies, he worked on experimental design and analysis. While he knew he wanted to work in a lab, he didn’t want to earn his Ph.D. Between science and engineering, he realized engineering is what he prefers. “Science is investing in the future, collecting data, and hoping it will do good. Engineering is used to solve modern problems directly, which is why I favor it – even with a science background.” Why does James enjoy working at a battery research and
development company? He says that one thing he likes about Wildcat is we’re making better batteries for the environment. “Our main project is making batteries more accessible using materials common on the earth that require less mining, which is great!”

Happy National Battery Day from the Wildcat team!


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