Who We Are Wildcat Discovery Technologies April 27, 2022

Who We Are

Wildcat Discovery Technologies Inc.


Wildcat Discovery Technologies Accelerates the Discovery of New Materials

Wildcat synthesizes and evaluates thousands of materials every week. To do this, we use unique high throughput synthesis and testing platforms to rapidly explore thousands of new materials with the goal of improving performance and reducing costs. 

Develop Better Battery Material with Wildcat

Wildcat is pursuing partnership and collaboration opportunities with corporate leaders throughout the battery supply chain, including global material suppliers, cell makers, and OEM’s throughout the automotive, electronics, medical, military, and consumer products industries.

Our Business Model

What We Do

Wildcat accelerates battery R&D through collaborations. Our scientists work with global leaders throughout the battery industry in the auto, electronics, medical, and military industries. Projects targeting materials for cathodes, anodes, electrolytes, and electrode formulations are all possible.

Accelerated development

Accelerated development of your company’s materials

Joint development

Joint development collaborations on all-new materials

Further development

Further development of Wildcat’s background materials


 Licensing of Wildcat’s battery materials intellectual property


Who We Work With?

Wildcat Helps Companies Throughout the Supply Chain

Wildcat’s customers exist throughout the battery supply chain and include material suppliers, cell makers, and OEM’s of all kinds.

Any company in need of rapid battery materials development is a great partner for Wildcat and its unique high throughput approach!

National Labs




Material Suppliers

Cell Makers




Diverse Customer Base and Select Portfolio of Technological Collaborations

Customer Collaborations

  • A decade of collaborative projects have made Wildcat one of the industry’s leading experts on battery materials
  • Wildcat has built an impressive customer list and track record of achievement throughout the battery world
  • Wildcat has completed >225 customer collaboration projects with >80 unique customers since 2010
A Decade of HTP Battery R&D Experience

An Overview of Our Project Collaborations

Collaborations by Topic

Number Of Project by Customers