Dr. Bin Li Wildcat Discovery Technologies May 23, 2022

Dr. Bin Li

Dr. Bin Li is Senior Vice President of Electrode R&D at Wildcat Discovery Technologies.

Dr. Li has almost thirty years of research experience in inorganic materials, including more than twelve years in battery research.

Upon joining Wildcat in 2007, Dr. Li was jointly responsible for the development of Wildcat’s proprietary high-throughput platform for hydrogen storage and battery materials. At Wildcat, Dr. Li led the research team that developed all types of battery materials including synthesis and characterization: cathode materials (LiFePO4, LiMnFePO4, LiCoPO4, LiCoO2, high nickel NMC, NCA, LiMn2O4, LiMn0.5Ni1.5O4, Li-rich layered oxides, disordered rock salt, CFx, CuF2), anode materials (Si/C composite and Si alloy) and solid-state electrolyte (Perovskite, Garnet, NASICON and their composite with polymer).

Dr. Li also led the research team that worked on cell design with a focus on electrode optimization. Dr. Li has led about 150 battery-related projects including more than 120 customer projects at Wildcat.

Dr. Bin Li