Dr. Gang Cheng Wildcat Discovery Technologies May 23, 2022

Dr. Gang Cheng

Dr. Gang Cheng is Vice President of Electrolyte R&D at Wildcat Discovery Technologies. Dr. Cheng has over 20 years of research experience in organic synthesis and characterization, including more than twelve years in electrolyte development in lithium ion and lithium batteries. At Wildcat, Dr. Cheng leads advanced liquid electrolyte material development, including development of electrolyte technologies to improve high voltage/high temperature cycle life, wide temperature operation and to reduce gas generation in various of high energy lithium ion and lithium batteries. Dr. Cheng also leads the solid-state electrolyte development at Wildcat and is jointly responsible for the development of Wildcat’s proprietary high-throughput battery workflow as well as pouch cell process improvement. Upon joining Wildcat at 2011, Dr. Cheng has led over 70 electrolyte projects and received over 50 granted patents/patent applications in Lithium-ion battery field.