Wildcat’s business model is to accelerate the development of new battery materials with leaders in the industry.  Wildcat has now developed a growing IP portfolio of promising new materials and innovative scientific capabilities.  Our white paper section includes a comprehensive list of Wildcat technologies, scientific findings, and new Wildcat R&D capabilities.  Our licensing section then highlights a few white paper topics that have been presented by Wildcat at industry events.

In addition to IP development with corporate partners, Wildcat occasionally funds its own internal R&D on promising ideas of its own. The goal of these projects is to develop promising new materials that we can license out immediately or develop further with help from a commercial partner. Interested companies are typically global material manufacturers, battery cell makers and OEM’s. A few examples of recent discoveries include:

Field Name Experiments Months Goal Result
Batteries CM1 1800 3.5 5V Cathode 30% more energy than LFP
Batteries EM1 5000 6 5V Electrolyte New additives for OLO, LMNO and others
Batteries CM2 / EM2 2200 6 CFx primary 15% more energy, high power
Batteries CM3 2000 6 High energy spinel Same energy as OLO, no voltage fade
Batteries CM4 3500 6 Conversion electrode First ever rechargeable CuF2