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Wildcat Discovery Technologies is a start-up materials R&D company located in San Diego, California. Wildcat is focused on the development and discovery of advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries following two mutually beneficial paths:

  1. Collaboration Projects with external partners aimed at optimizing battery materials and cells for improved performance
  2. Breakthrough Material Discovery research and market entry for next-generation battery materials

Wildcat scientists use a proprietary state-of-the-art high throughput platform (HTP) to synthesize and test thousands of battery materials, each fully formulated and tested in actual cells. Wildcat collaborates with industry leaders around the world to optimize and develop new materials for rechargeable and primary battery technologies. At present, Wildcat is expanding both its technical operations, and its cross-functional business teams.

Wildcat’s business model generates revenue from R&D partnerships, royalties, and fees from licensing. In the near future, we will introduce a new revenue stream based on the sale of new battery materials and battery cells.


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We are rapidly growing and searching for talented team members in all departments to join us in San Diego. Please, do not wait for the posting. If you are passionate about your subject matter expertise we want to be acquainted. Click here and introduce yourself; tell us about your dream job. We might just be posting it next week. Why wait? Of course, we’ll accept your resume or cv at [email protected]. 

Wildcat offers competitive compensation and excellent benefits, including stock options and relocation assistance.

Outstanding employees have the opportunity for rapid promotion and professional growth.