Accelerate your Materials Discovery

Intellectual Property

Wildcat is flexible with regard to IP. In most cases, we share IP with our customers and include an option for the customer to negotiate full or industry-specific exclusivity at the conclusion of the project.

Every deal is a little different, but we always manage to find a win-win solution.

Project Deliverables

Our high throughput battery workflow generates a lot of data!  Interpreting and communicating these results is key to the success of every project.  We usually summarize and present our findings to customers every couple of weeks, but our customers are free to analyze the raw data on their own at any time.

We routinely send samples of promising "hits" to our customers for validation in their own cells while continuing to experiment at Wildcat.  At the conclusion of the project, the Wildcat team will make a formal presentation on our findings and prepare a final report for internal distribution at the customer if desired.