US-Made Cathodes

High-performance US-made cathodes drive clean energy adoption.
Cathode Manufacturing for Customized Battery Cells

Wildcat leverages its 15 years of materials development to help customers achieve the best integrated battery cell. In addition to producing cathode material, our unique high-throughput platform enables materials experiments to be done 10 times faster than conventional methods, improving performance and reducing costs.


Adoption of
Clean Energy

High-Performance Portfolio of Nickel-and Cobalt Free Cathodes
Wildcat accelerates the discovery of new materials for energy applications.

15 Years of Materials Innovation

  • Optimizing battery material and cell performance for strategic partnerships with customers in the global marketplace.
  • Manufacturing a portfolio of nickel-and cobalt-free cathodes to enable the widespread adoption of clean energy. Our R&D facility equipment fosters the ability to scale up high-volume manufacturing.
  • Beyond acting as a supplier, Wildcat helps pair with the best anode and electrolyte to integrate the battery cell.
Seeking innovators ready to impact future environmental sustainability

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Our team is comprised of top-tier scientists and manufacturing experts with expertise in various areas of chemistry and materials science, along with chemical, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers — working together to accelerate development.