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Battery Benchmarking


High Throughput Platform and Battery Benchmarking

Revolutionize Battery Material Selection

Wildcat is a Research and Development (R&D) company that specializes in benchmarking existing technology and discovering new technology. Our high throughput platform (HTP) helps us stand apart from our competitors, allowing our scientists to perform hundreds of experiments in parallel. Every step in the battery processing, assembly, and testing is automated, making it possible to create multiple battery recipes simultaneously in parallel.

10x Faster than conventional research
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High Throughput Platform Battery R&D Experience

The Benefits of Wildcat's High Throughput Platform for Battery Benchmarking

Wildcat’s high throughput platform has allowed us to develop advantages over our competitors regarding speed, experience, and expertise. We can do experiments more than ten times faster than traditional methods and have conducted over 300,000 experiments with very repeatable setups. Wildcat’s experiments have generated extensive intellectual property and trade secrets.

The schematic below shows the steps in the battery assembly and testing process. Each of these steps is automated to generate many battery recipes at once.

Battery assembly and testing process steps
Wildcat's Battery Benchmarking Process

A Faster, More Efficient Way to Choose the Best Materials


One of the ways Wildcat’s partners can take advantage of our high throughput platform is through Battery Benchmarking. Battery Benchmarking is an essential process for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or battery cell makers who must choose the best-performing, lowest-cost materials among hundreds or thousands of battery material suppliers. Partnering with Wildcat will enable our partners to benchmark and evaluate several different supplier materials to determine which performs best for their battery needs while factoring in cost and supply chain.

The schematic below illustrates a typical battery benchmarking business case:

Wildcat’s battery benchmarking process involves benchmarking Cathode Active Materials (CAM), Anode Active Materials (AAM), and Anode Binders. We benchmark 31 different CAM and ten different AAMs supplied by leading companies worldwide and 13 different Anode Binders, which can provide dramatically different performance levels when mixed with different anodes.

Wildcat’s process for measuring and comparing results in battery benchmarking involves upfront agreement on weighing different performance criteria such as energy density, power, and safety. In one benchmarking example, Wildcat evaluated and compared five different anodes and 13 different binders, totaling 65 different combinations. In a matter of days, Wildcat was able to identify the best combination of materials and demonstrate a wide range of performance outcomes.

An example of the output of our battery benchmarking work is depicted in the schematic below:

In conclusion, Wildcat’s battery benchmarking process allows our customers to work through hundreds or thousands of battery materials to find the best combination for their application, all done in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. By partnering with Wildcat, our customers can ensure they are using the best-performing, lowest-cost materials while factoring in supply chain considerations. Wildcat’s high throughput platform, combined with its expertise in battery benchmarking, is a valuable asset for OEMs and battery cell makers looking to stay ahead of the competition.

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