Dr. Larry Beck

Dr. Larry Beck holds the position of Vice President of Manufacturing at Wildcat Discovery Technologies. He is a battery industry consultant with 20 years of experience in lithium-ion batteries and energy storage materials, assisting companies to launch cutting edge materials and new technologies for improving battery storage capacity and to make battery installations safer and cheaper. Larry has led battery development projects from discovery, through scale-up and into global manufacturing. At A123Systems, he was co-inventor of the high-power NanoPhosphate LFP cathode material, currently found in HEV/EV vehicles and the electricity grid around the world. Prior to working in the battery field, Larry was Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Michigan where he specialized in analytical characterization and synthesis of porous materials. Larry received his PhD in Chemistry from Texas A&M University and worked at the California Institute of Technology as a NSF post-doctoral scholar.

Vice President - Manufacturing