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High Energy Cathodes and Lithium Ion Battery


Wildcat Discovery Technologies is a company that specializes in developing advanced materials for a range of applications, including high-energy lithium-ion batteries. One of the key tools that Wildcat uses to accelerate the discovery and development of new battery materials is high throughput research. This approach involves automating and miniaturizing experiments so that many samples can be tested quickly and efficiently. Wildcat has used this approach to develop a high-energy cathode material and to form a joint development agreement with BMW to develop a high-energy density cathode.

High Energy Cathode Material Development

Wildcat used its high throughput research platform to develop a high-energy cathode material for high-energy lithium-ion batteries. The material was identified through a high throughput screening process that evaluated over 10,000 compositions. The resulting material had a higher energy density and longer cycle life than existing cathode materials, making it a promising candidate for use in next-generation high energy lithium-ion batteries.

The high-energy cathode material is based on a nickel-rich layered oxide structure. Wildcat’s research team was able to optimize the composition and structure of the material using its high throughput platform, which allowed them to test and evaluate a large number of different compositions and structures quickly and efficiently.

The resulting high-energy cathode material has several advantages over existing cathode materials. It has a higher energy density, which means that it can store more energy per unit of weight than existing materials. It also has a longer cycle life, so it can be charged and discharged more times without degradation.

The Wildcat Laboratory

Wildcat has developed tools for the entire material synthesis, electrode and electrolyte formulation, and cell building process.
Synthesis Laboratory Learn More
Wildcat’s high throughput synthesis lab is where discoveries are born. These unique tools enable our scientists to synthesize hundreds of unique materials every day. Each sample is prepared in bulk powder form of roughly 1g.
Scale Up & Validation Learn More
Scale up and validation of new materials is a Wildcat core competency and important part of our customer projects. We can typically scale up the production of new materials from grams to kilograms in-house.
Engineering Lab Learn More
Wildcat’s Engineering Lab is second-to-none. This innovative team of engineers designs and builds the high throughput automation equipment and software that enable the scientific team to accelerate our R&D.

Joint Development
Agreement with BMW

Wildcat has also formed a joint development agreement with BMW to develop a high-energy density cathode for use in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The goal of the partnership is to develop a cathode material that has a higher energy density than existing materials, which would enable the development of EVs with longer driving ranges and shorter charging times.

The joint development agreement builds on Wildcat’s expertise in high throughput battery research and BMW’s expertise in EV design and engineering. The two companies are working together to develop and test new cathode materials using Wildcat’s high throughput platform and BMW’s battery testing facilities.

The joint development agreement is an example of how companies can work together to accelerate the development of new battery technologies. By combining their expertise and resources, Wildcat and BMW are able to develop new materials and optimize their performance for specific applications. This collaboration is expected to result in the development of a new high energy density cathode material that could have a significant impact on the EV industry.

Overall, Wildcat’s use of high throughput research has been instrumental in the development of new battery materials, including a high energy cathode material and a high energy density cathode material developed in partnership with BMW. These materials have the potential to revolutionize the battery industry and enable the development of more efficient and cost-effective energy storage solutions.

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