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High Throughput Battery Research


Wildcat Discovery Technologies is a materials discovery and optimization company that specializes in developing advanced materials for a range of applications, including batteries. One of the key tools that Wildcat has developed to accelerate the discovery and optimization of new materials is its high throughput battery research platform (HTP).

High Throughput Technology
Battery Research

Wildcat’s HTP is based on technology that was originally developed for drug discovery. The idea behind high throughput technology is to automate and miniaturize experiments so that many samples can be tested quickly and efficiently. This allows researchers to screen a large number of materials in a short amount of time and identify promising candidates for further study.

In drug discovery, high throughput technology screening tests large libraries of chemical compounds to identify those with potential therapeutic effects. Wildcat adapted this technology for materials discovery and optimization, using it to test and evaluate various materials for use in batteries, including cathodes, anodes, electrolytes, and separators.

One of the key advantages of the high throughput technology is its ability to perform experiments under a wide range of conditions, including different temperatures, pressures, and electrochemical environments. This allows Wildcat to test materials under conditions that simulate real-world battery performance, providing more accurate and reliable data than traditional testing methods.

Wildcat's Battery
Research Process

Wildcat follows a consistent and repeatable process, making the data very reliable. The first step in the project is “method validation,” where Wildcat ensures that the correlation between HTP testing and larger pouch cell testing is robust.

Wildcat’s high throughput battery research has been instrumental in the discovery and optimization of new materials for use in batteries. For example, the company used the platform to develop a new high-capacity cathode material for use in lithium-ion batteries. The material was identified through a high throughput screening process that evaluated thousands of different compositions. The resulting material had a higher energy density than existing cathode materials, making it a promising candidate for use in next-generation batteries.

Overall, Wildcat’s high throughput technology or high throughput battery research has been a game-changer for battery material research, allowing the company to rapidly screen and evaluate large numbers of materials and identify those with the most promising properties for use in batteries. By adopting high throughput screening technology from drug discovery to materials discovery, Wildcat has accelerated the development of new battery materials and stay at the forefront of battery technology.

Wildcat Discovery High Throughput Process

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