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Lithium Metal Battery


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Revolutionizing Development
of Lithium Metal Batteries

Wildcat Discovery has harnessed the power of its high throughput platform (HTP) to revolutionize the development of Lithium Metal (Li-Metal) Batteries (LMB) — often referred to as the ‘holy grail’ for achieving significant increases in energy density. Through the strategic utilization of their HTP, Wildcat Discovery has achieved accelerated advancements in LMB technology, with a near-term emphasis on developing solutions utilizing liquid electrolytes. The company’s combinatorial research capabilities have played a crucial role in optimizing electrolytes, leading to the best-in-industry cycle life performance for LMB in small pouch cells.

The high throughput platform employed by Wildcat Discovery allows for the rapid screening and testing of numerous materials and configurations in a parallel and automated manner. This technology enables researchers to evaluate and analyze a vast range of battery components and parameters simultaneously, significantly speeding up the development process. In the case of Lithium Metal (Li-Metal) Batteries (LMB), this approach has been instrumental in identifying optimal combinations of materials and electrolytes to enhance the performance and cycle life of the batteries.
Lithium Metal Batteries (LMB) are highly promising due to their potential to store more energy per unit weight compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. However, the commercialization of LMB has been hindered by several challenges, including the formation of lithium dendrites during cycling, which can lead to safety concerns and reduced cycle life. Wildcat Discovery’s HTP has allowed them to systematically explore different electrolyte formulations and additives, rapidly testing their impact on dendrite growth and battery performance.

By leveraging their combinatorial research capabilities, Wildcat Discovery has successfully developed optimized electrolytes for Lithium Metal (Li-Metal) Batteries (LMB), which have demonstrated industry-leading cycle life. This breakthrough achievement holds tremendous significance as it addresses one of the major obstacles in LMB technology. Enhanced cycle life ensures that the batteries can endure numerous charge-discharge cycles without a significant drop in performance, making them more reliable and durable for practical applications.

Lithium Metal (Li-Metal) Batteries

Wildcat Discovery’s near-term focus on liquid electrolytes for LMB underscores their commitment to delivering commercially viable solutions in the short term. Liquid electrolytes are a well-established technology in the battery industry, facilitating easier integration and adoption. For the longer term, Wildcat is also actively developing LMB solutions using solid-state electrolytes.

Optimizing Liquid Electrolytes

In summary, Wildcat Discovery’s use of its high throughput platform has revolutionized the development of Lithium Metal Batteries (LMB). By leveraging combinatorial research, the company has achieved significant advancements in LMB technology, particularly in optimizing liquid electrolytes for improved cycle life. This breakthrough positions Wildcat Discovery as a key player in the race to achieve higher energy-density batteries. Their innovative approach and commitment to practical near-term solutions pave the way for the commercialization of Lithium Metal (Li-Metal) Batteries (LMB), offering promising prospects for the future of high-energy-density battery technologies.

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