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Hydrogen Storage

Better storage materials for hydrogen are needed to enable hydrogen powered vehicles of the future. Solid state hydrogen storage materials hold considerable promise in terms of capacity, pressure, safety, and overall system ease of use. However, the complexity of these materials makes advancement difficult and slow. Wildcat’s high throughput platform is the solution to this discovery problem.

Wildcat’s proprietary hydrogen discovery workflow is capable of synthesizing and screening hundreds of promising materials every day. Wildcat produces each sample in bulk form and directly measures hydrogen sorption over multiple cycles. Wildcat is able to synthesize a wide range of the promising material types – from intermetallics to complex metal hydrides – with control of critical variables including particle size, morphology, and catalyst dispersion.


  • New sorbents for gas separations
  • Applications: CO2 capture, desulphurization, O2/N2 separation, alkene separation, natural gas purification
  • Reduce energy and cost

Case Study: Hydrogen Storage Materials


Li2Mg(NH)2 + dopants
1,600 materials tested in 3 months
Tested sorption rate, cycle life


Developed best in class material with 10x better rate performance.


Discovery in under three months!